What We Do

The impact we have on our community can be described with three words: Education, Advocacy and Action. In recent years, Challenge has accomplished the following achievements:


  • Provided education and awareness regarding prevention of drug and alcohol abuse to over 30,000 Tarrant County children and young adults.
  • Provided education and training to over 29,000 families, adults, and professionals regarding prevention, intervention and treatment of addiction.
  • Provided education and awareness of Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drug (ATOD) issues to 500 agencies, media outlets, civic organizations, retailers , faith-based groups, and school districts.
  • Created, and published the annual Substance Abuse Information Databank (SAID) which summarizes ATOD trends in the community as tracked by 30 different data sources. SAID is an invaluable tool for grant writers, media outlets, law enforcement and local governments.


  • Successfully supported and maintained the Treat Texas campaign, an effort launched in 2010 as part of Closing the Addiction Treatment Gap (CATG). Treat Texas has an active website (treattexas.org) and can be followed on Twitter.  The project has trained advocates from across the state to work with traditional print and electronic media professionals. The work of the Treat Texas coalition has attracted both editorial and feature stories in major publications and has also received television and radio coverage in large media markets across the state.
  • Successfully advocated for the repeal of the Uniform Policy Provision Law (UPPL) which adversely impacted hospitals and health care providers in treating those patients struggling with addiction.



  • Provided Alcohol and Tobacco intervention classes for youth in our community.
  • Implemented social norms campaigns on high school and college campuses, as well as a city-wide program in Arlington, Texas, to reduce underage and binge drinking among students.
  • Recognized youth from area high schools for their servant leadership and empathy towards others through the annual Leo Benavides Awards.
  • Administered the Family Drug Court program, which provides intensive services to families involved in the child welfare system who are struggling with addiction.

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