New TCU Horned Frog students attend Frog Camp, where Power 2 Choose was available to provide information about on-campus substance abuse.

Power 2 Choose takes on tough issues at Texas Christian University


The Power 2 Choose Coalition is comprised of representatives from Texas Christian University and the community who focus on awareness surrounding alcohol and drug issues, thus promoting safe and responsible choices which target both the campus population and surrounding community.  The Bottom Line’s mission is to promote an environment and culture that supports responsible decision-making regarding overall health and everyday lifestyle.  This is based on a shared vision of strengthen the overall health culture of the Texas Christian University community by enhancing knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, skills, and behaviors concerning health and wellness in order to empower students, parents, alumni and the public to achieve responsible, happy, healthy lives.  The goals of the coalition include:

  • Increase the capacity for TCU students to make healthy lifestyle choices on campus.
  • Redefine healthy lifestyle choices as more appealing and more socially accepted.
  • Bridge the gap between perceived norms and behaviors and the real choices being made.
  • Develop institutional systems and structures to support students’ health and wellness.
  • Deepen students’ responsibility to self while connecting to their responsibility to the world.
  • Become health leaders locally in the TCU community and globally in the college community.


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