To nominate a student for the 2019 Leo Benavides Award, please click here!

2019 Leo Benavides Award Nominations Now Open!

The Leo C. Benavides Award is given annually to one high school student from each high school in Tarrant County in recognition of outstanding volunteerism and servant leadership both at school and out in the community. The students awarded this honor are the students boldly standing on the front lines to fight back on bullying, poverty, discrimination, drugs, and so many other negative forces with compassion, generosity, respect, ingenuity and simple kindness. They are unsung heroes – until this awards changes that by celebrating, thanking and encouraging their service.


Are you a local high school with a student that consistently matches the description above? If so, then we want to honor your exceptional student with the Leo C. Benavides Award.


Online nomination forms for the 2019 Leo C. Benavides Award go live on Friday, February 1st, 2019. An email announcement will go out to all local schools on that date but we encourage you to go ahead and put that date in your calendar now AND take a look at our tips for a successful nomination:


Only one nomination per school will be accepted. Please coordinate with your administration to select your final awardee. We encourage you to make this competitive and involve all faculty and staff in this decision but the details of that process are entirely up to you. If we receive more than one nomination from a school we will return them and ask you to select one finalist.


The nomination must include details about the student’s community service (i.e. specific projects) and the more creative that community service the better. Many students log an impressive number of community service hours, are involved in AVID, etc. but we’re really looking for students who have gone above and beyond to respond to community needs in new and unique ways. Did the student organize a benefit for families of active military or for cancer patients? Coordinate free haircuts for the homeless? Create their own a campaign, project or event that increased inclusiveness or safety or reduced drugs or poverty? Tell us!


Each student nominee, two of his/her parents or family members and the nominator will be mailed invitations in mid-March to a complimentary celebration dinner that will be held at the Fort Worth Club on Tuesday, April 16th.





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