Former Program Director Stephanie Davenport makes sure the

WC Coyote is ready take a stand on alcohol over consumption.

Follow Our Lead Celebrates Two Years at Weatherford College


The Follow Our Lead Coalition is a student focused coalition to address policies and practices that reduce the harmful effects of alcohol and the overall level of binge drinking within the community, specifically within college aged populations. The goal is quite simple — we want to see dramatic reductions in risk and actual harm thus positively impacting individual perceptions, the campus culture, and the student experience.   As one of 3 Community Coalition Programs on College campuses, FOL’s mission is to foster an environment of change that promotes responsible, educated decision-making concerning the overall health and wellness for Weatherford College and the surrounding community.  Specifically, the coalition looks for ways to strengthen the culture of health and wellness for Weatherford by increasing and enhancing the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors regarding alcohol use and drug abuse in order to empower individuals to achieve responsible, healthy lives.  Goals for the program include:

  • Create positive social norms that bridge the gap between perceived beliefs and behaviors and the actual choices being made
  • Heighten the knowledge of alcohol use and drug abuse risks and effects as well as increase awareness of community resources and prevention efforts
  • Advocate for healthy lifestyle choices
  • Nullify the myths regarding alcohol use and drug abuse
  • Grow personal and social responsibility
  • Engage campus and community partners to stay up-to-date on Weatherford Campus’ needs, issues, and concerns.


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