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The 2016 S.A.I.D. Book, 19th Edition


The annual Substance Abuse Information Databank (SAID) summarizes ATOD trends in the community as tracked by 30 different data sources.


SAID is an invaluable tool for grant writers, media outlets, law enforcement and local governments.

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2016 Opioid Symposium Materials ~ Published September 22, 2016

When the Prescription Becomes the Problem Infographic


Created by Challenge of Tarrant County, this brochure outlines the impact opioid prescription medications have had on America.


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When the Prescription Becomes the Problem

Resource Directory


As part of the conference brochure, we also included a full resource directory of our sponsors, along with a description of the programs created by  Challenge of Tarrant County


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Community Needs Assessment Report ~ Published July 29, 2015

The Other Nine


2015 Tarrant County

Community Needs Assessment


July 29, 2015

The Botanic Gardens



On July 29, the Honorable Judge Glen Whitley,

the Needs Assessment Leadership Council,

and Challenge of Tarrant County presented their findings for the 2015 Community Needs Assessment. Agency leadership from across Tarrant County came to hear the report.


The data gathered indicated that only one in ten people who need help with substance use disorder (SUD) are finding the help they need. "The Other Nine", therefore, became a key focus of the report. Thank you to all who participated in the creation of the data, and for those who attended the event.


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